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The Wattle | Australian Line Botanical

The Wattle | Australian Line Botanical

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This ink drawing of a well known Australian native, the Wattle, depicts three delicate branches gracefully standing tall. One of the first plants to regenerate after a bushfire and with great healing powers, the Wattle is a strong symbol of resilience, renewal and enlightenment.
This artwork was based on the Acacia dictyophleba, also known as the Spear Tree or Sandhill Wattle. The deep yellow globe shaped flower heads are born singularly or in pairs. This plant hails from central Australia, and was used to make spears or digging sticks by Aborigines, or healing a variety of ailments.
The simplicity of the line art helps to convey the beauty and intricacy of these flowers, showcasing the Wattle's unique charm. Viewers can appreciate the subtle details and organic flow of the branches, with a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural world.

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