Collection: Season of Brights

The Season of Brights: A Celebration of Australian Native Colours

The Season of Brights is a watercolour artwork collection that pays homage to the stunning beauty of Australian native flowers, while exploring the concepts of abstract versus detail and real versus imaginary.

Each iconic Australian native bloom is bursting with vibrant colour and life, yet still containing a softness that adds an ethereal quality to the collection. The modern colour palette further accentuates the beauty and energy of these native blooms, creating a visual Australian feast for your eyes.

Immerse yourself in the colours and textures of Australian flora, embrace their beauty & spirit and appreciate our captivating natural wonders with the six pieces: 'Swaying Eucalyptus', 'The Graceful Waratah', 'The Peaceful Wattle', 'Shining Banksias', 'Flowering Gum Cascades' and 'Whispers of the Kangaroo Paw'.
Season of Brights