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Shining Banksias | Australian Artwork

Shining Banksias | Australian Artwork

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The aim of ‘Shining Banksias’ was to capture the fun, bright essence of Australia with two radiant banksia flower spikes amidst a lush sea of vibrant green banksia leaves.
Created in watercolour, the composition exudes a sense of balance and tranquility, as the eye is drawn to the striking contrast between the golden yellow blooms and foliage. Abstract in style, the backdrop of the dense greenery makes the Banksia flowers stand proudly, emanating a warm and inviting glow.
The result is a captivating interplay of colours that evokes a sense of joy, that appreciates the delicate balance between vibrant blooms and the ever-present leaves, the striking and the understated.
A watercolour medium wrapped in a vibrant new colour palette, this artwork was originally created on 300gsm Premium Hot Pressed Watercolour Cotton Paper.

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