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Kookaburra Waratah Serenade

Kookaburra Waratah Serenade

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Kookaburra Waratah Serenade' celebrates the natural beauty of Australia, inviting you as the viewer to immerse yourself into our rich biodiversity, but also the juxtaposition between watercolour and line art.

In this piece, the charm and character of the Kookaburra is depicted using delicate watercolour techniques. Finely drawn line art shows Waratahs peeking out, adding a touch of elegance and symbolism to the composition. Surrounding the Kookaburra, I have included watercolour banksia leaves to create a vibrant and organic backdrop that embodies the essence of the Australian landscape.

My artwork welcomes you to explore and discover more, intertwining the luminosity of watercolour with the structured precision of line art while capturing the essence of Australia's unique wildlife.

Part of the 'Native Inspirations' Collection

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN - Only 10 per size will ever be available.

Each print is editioned next to the artist signature on the front of the artwork.

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