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Kangaroo Blossoms

Kangaroo Blossoms

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Kangaroo Blossoms' combines the elegance of watercolour with the intricate details of line art to capture the beauty of our Australian natives, encouraging you to enter and visually discover all you can to delight your senses.

This piece depicts a majestic Kangaroo using a rough watercolour technique, showcasing its grace and strength. Surrounding the kangaroo, I have included a Banksia with its distinctive leaves, utilizing line art to emphasize the intricate patterns, and a watercolour Flowering Gum with its vibrant blooms & lush leaves adding a touch of colour and vitality to the artwork.

Through this piece, I aim to celebrate the unique flora and fauna of Australia while showcasing the versatility and expressive qualities of watercolour and line art.

Part of the 'Native Inspirations' Collection

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN - Only 10 per size will ever be available.

Each print is editioned next to the artist signature on the front of the artwork.

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