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Emu Banksia Encounters

Emu Banksia Encounters

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Emu Banksia Encounters' brings to life the beauty and essence of Australian wildlife and flora through watercolour & line art.

Featuring an emu depicted in rough watercolour strokes, capturing its distinctive form and grace; the surrounding area incorporates finely drawn Banksia in season, an homage to their intricate patterns and textures.

A watercolour rendition of a Banksia Formosa with its vibrant flower and striking leaves adds depth and richness. This artworks aim was to evoke a sense of reverence for the natural wonders of Australia, while showcasing the juxtaposition of watercolour and the intricate details of line art.

Part of the 'Native Inspirations' Collection

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN - Only 10 per size will ever be available.

Each print is editioned next to the artist signature on the front of the artwork.

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